New Year's at Villa Kunang-Kunang

Click he../images/kuku12.jpgre for a larger image of the
          lotus pondClick here for larger
          image (courtesy www.murnis.comLocated on a hill above Ubud, Villa Kunang-Kunang consists of two main buildings, one a restaurant and lounging area, the other a two story villa. In addition, Villa Kunang-Kunang boasts a beautiful pool that overlooks the valley, a stone garden of 33 buddhas, the lotus pond, an outdoor shrine (visible above, behind the bridge) and several barns.



Entryway and living room: Click for larger imageDining Room and door leading to porch: Click for larger
          imageThe villa itself consists of a large living room/dining room area (the pictures to the immediate right and left), two bedrooms (the master bedroom is shown at the bottom left) and bath, and a huge open porch that looks out over the rice paddies below. The interior is light, with lots of windows and a marble floor. The woodwork is distinctively Balinese, with elaborately carved doors. The furniture is also local, and is large and comfy. As in Murni's Houses, the couch can easily double as a bed. There are Balinese as well as other Indonesian textiles and handicrafts throughout the house. Everything  is meticulously selected and tastefully arranged. The picture at the bottom right shows Tracy lounging on the spacious verandah, where we rang in 2002! For a more elaborate view of the verandah vista, be sure to look at the panorama at the bottom of the page.

The master bedroom:
                Click here for a larger (fuzzy) image Tracy on the veranda:
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The view from the dining area at Kunang-Kunang: Click to
          enlargeA Balinese Feast: Click for a larger imageNew Year's Eve was spent at Villa Kunang-Kunang. We gathered with Murni and Jonathan (one of the other owners) for drinks on the restaurant balcony and were treated to an even nicer view of the fields below (photo to the left). After dark, we dined out on the same balcony. The cuisine was strictly Balinese. The starters included fish satay on lemon grass and a spicy peanut soup. This was followed by chicken curry, Balinese smoked duck, yellow rice, and local vegetables. Desert was cake, served with fresh local fruits. It was a feast befitting royalty--great food and great company! After a sumptuous meal, we retired to our villa verandah, popped a bottle of Dom Perignon and rang in the new year. Truly a memorable New Year's Eve in Bali
Do-Do-Do. . .  Lookin' Out Our Back Door
Originally, this page had a panorama of the rice fields shown in the photo above left. Unfortunately, the javascript no longer runs on newer browsers. So we offer a similar vantage point on Bali, courtesy of YouTube and the photographers at Intrepid 360.

360 Video of Tegallalang Terrace Rice Fields


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