The Water Garden Hotel in Candidasa

This lush garden pathway lead to your private bungalow: Click to enlargeThe pool boasts a beautiful tropical waterfall: Click to enlargeThe Water Garden Hotel is a series of very private bungalows, each overlooking a lotus-laden fish pond. Entrance to the bungalows is gained via a private pathway, bursting with tropical flora and fauna (photo to the left). In addition to the pool and the bungalows, the Water Garden is connected to a terrific restaurant, T.J.'s, where we enjoyed an impressive variety of meals per person (about USD 7, per). The Water Garden has a neat gift shop, which we did not resist. By clicking on the picture below you can see a panoramic shot of the bungalows. Once you come here, you'll never want to leave! Below is a rather extensive tour of the Water Garden Hotel, the bungalows and the surrounding environs from Florenz Kittel.


The Water Garden Hotel and Environs


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