A view of Zagreb from the Upper Town
Unretired--The Sequel:
AISZAISZ ClassroomFour years ago Tracy retired from the International School of Kuala Lumpur, to much fanfare. Who would have known there would be a "second act?" In early August 2021, Tracy got a call from True Teaching, a placement agency for international schools who suddenly have an unplanned vacancy. We had been on this service for a number of years but, owing to our ages (most schools do not hire past age 55), we had yet to receive any offers. Then, in early August of 2021, True Teaching got an urgent request from the American International School of Zagreb, who found out just before the start of school that a veteran teacher had decided not to return.  After an agonizing two weeks of interviews and back and forths about recs and starting dates, Tracy accepted the job. We arranged to arrive on August 30th.  After four years of bridge, tennis, swimming, and generally enjoying the retired life, she was pressed into action. "Unretired--The Sequel" led us to Croatia!

In the ensuing two weeks we scrambled to get all the documentation required for her new employment, as well as the myriad requirements needed to leave Malaysia during a Covid-19 surge. Miraculously, by August 29 we were climbing into a van, saying goodbye to our friends at Villa Putra Putri, and boarding a flight to Istanbul and from there onto Zagreb. The next day we arrived in the capital of Croatia, our new home for the next ten months. The video below details our trip from our home in Kuala Lumpur to our new temporary home in Zagreb

A Journey of 9,419 Kilometers Begins with a Single Van Ride!

View from Our Living
            RoomBan Celicic SquareFortunately, the school did a fine job easing our entry into Zagreb and Tracy's new life. We were met at the airport and taken to the apartment that the school's Human Resources department found for us. We were greeted by the HR staff and the Head of School. Located right in the heart of Zagreb's historic old town, it was a classic European apartment, beautifully furnished with a view of the Zagreb Cathedral from the living room window. Everything needed for daily life was provided, and the fridge was stocked! The apartment was about a 10 minute walk to the main square and the open-air meat, fish and vegetable markets. And less that 100 meters away was a tram stop which took Tracy directly to school (although it was a 45 minute trip). The sights of Zagreb's "Old Town" may be viewed on our travel page, which we will continue to update throughout the next ten months. Here is a virtual tour of our new home.

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