La Casa Amarilla

(A Tale of Two Houses)

San Miguel de Allende


View of the Entryway View of Lower Level View from 2nd Floor Terrace 

This is a tale of two houses--the one we thought we wanted, and the one we fortunately purchased. This page is devoted to the house we thought we wanted. In the heart of farmland, La Casa Amarilla is a 15-minute drive from "Centro" Miguel de San Allende. It is set up on a bluff, surrounded by trees, cacti, and grazing land. The house sits on over .6 acres of land, enclosed by an attractive brick wall. There is an  entrance for vehicles, as well as a main gate for visitors. The entrance opens unto a large patio area with a decorative pool. The patio is elevated; following the lower path from the entry brings one to the main entrance. The bulk of the lot lies in front of the house, and is populated with mature mesquite trees and a variety of cacti. The house itself is circular, and light, thanks to the many windows that line its exterior. At every turn there are unique architectural details that make the house distinctive. The pictures below show these features.
Approaching the house from the road below The exterior wall that encloses the property Entrance to the house View of side patio from the entrance

Looking toward front entrance

View of House from Road Exterior wall of House Entry Gate Side Patio Main Entrance
Upper level windows View of landscaping on the side of the house Ledges around the main entrance Mesquite and Cactus in front of house
Architectural Detail Landscaping Detail Ledges around main entrance View of Mesquite and Cactus in front yard

Here is a very old video of the front of the House

(State of the Art when we filmed it!)

The house was selling for 185,000 USD, and recently sold for nearly twice that much, so it represented good value. Unfortunately, we lacked an FM4 Visa at the time, and could not manage a loan for the balance, so we were left pining. In retrospect, while it would have been a lovely retirement home, it would have been a very isolated vacation existence on summer holiday from Singapore and later Kuala Lumpur.  We eventually found a lovely small home in the Centro (you may view it here) which we have enjoyed on our holidays and which we have also been able to rent out for a good portion of the year. Sometimes things work out the way that they are supposed to. Goodbye, Roundhouse, hello Casita Animas!

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