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Gamla Stan is Stockholm's "old town," where the city was founded by Birger Jarls around 1250. It is Europe's oldest and best preserved medieval city. Located on an island south of what is now central Stockholm, it retains much of its medieval character and is a must see for anyone visiting Stockholm. Below are two virtual tours of many of the key points of interest in Gamla Stan. The first is a map-based tour, while the second is a 360 panorama-based tour.

A Virtual Tour of Gamla Stan

Instructions: This map-based tour features popup windows of the sites identified on the map above and in the table below. Each popup contains a photo and text description. The map lists sites by location, while the table below lists the points of interest by the color-coded categories. In either case, click on the number (map) or title (table) and a window will open, describing that point of interest. When you have finished viewing the point of interest, simply click the "Close" button at the bottom of the popup and you will return to the map. Note: You must have you ad-blocker turned off for this site to use the map or table. Users on mobile devices may find the "Close" button does not work. In this case, simply use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. Riddarholms-kyrkanPostmuseumTyska KyrkanEvert Taubes TerassVasterlanggatanMarten Trotzigs GrandStortorget StreeRiksdaghusetRiddarhusetBirger Jarls TornMedeltidsmuseumBondeska PalasetStenbockska PalasetRangelska PalasetSorkyrkanTessinska PalasetKungliga MyntkabinettetLivrustkammarenKungliga Slottet
Palaces and Museums
12. Wrangelska Palaset
16. Riddarhuset
13. Evert Taubes Terass
1. Kungliga Slottet
15. Stenbockska Palaset
18. Riksdagshuset
2. Livrustkammaren
17. Bondeska Palaset
Streets and Squares
5. Storkyrkan
3. Kungliga Myntkabinettet
19. Medeltidsmuseum
6. Stortorget Street
7. Tyska Kyrkan
4. Tessinska Palaset
Historic Buildings
8. Marten Trotzigs Grand
11. Riddarholms-kyrkan
10. Postmuseum
14. Birger Jarls Torn
9. Vasterlanggatan

360 Tour of Gamla Stan
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Virtual Reality Tour for VR Headsets:
QR CodeThere is also a version of this tour designed specifically for VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, and it works with both iPhone and Android devices. It may be access by scanning on the QR code to the left. If you are viewing this on a mobile phone, you may access the VR tour by following this link.

For iOS devices: scan QR code with your device's camera app, tap on the prompt to open Safari. Select "Allow Device Motion" and the next prompt, "Allow Access to Motion Orientation." Turn the device to landscape mode and a split screen will appear. When the screen turns white, swipe up for fullscreen mode, and place in headset. Here is a video of how to do this--it is simpler than it sounds! [The video opens in a new window--close when done to return to this page]

For Android devices: Open the camera app and use the built-in scanner to scan the QR code above. Confirm that you want to open the website, and wait for it to load--it should load in stereo view. Select the fullscreen ("X" option) from the menu at the bottom. Turn the device to landscape mode and you are ready to go. Here is a video of how to do this--it is simpler than it sounds! [The video opens in a new window--close when done to return to this page]

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