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Our Epic Spring Break, Part II:
Where do you go after five nights at the Four Seasons Langkawi? Well if you are on the epic spring break that we enjoyed in March of 2007, the answer of course is The Maldives! Continuing our spring break of a lifetime, we flew from Langkawi back to Singapore to board a plane to Male, the nation's capital and jumping off point for the archipelago that is the Maldive Islands. We were invited there by the parent of one of Tracy's middle school students, and we were treated royally. Our stay was at the Thulhagiri Island Resort, a small island that is about 300 meters in circumference. Compared to some of the posher resorts, this was a mid-level resort in terms of price and amenities, but how much pampering do you need when you are surrounded by the stunning beaches and crystalline water?  Thulhagiri is very popular with European divers, but we were content to snorkel off the back porch of our water villa, and later went fishing. All that of course, in addition to enjoying the pristine beaches.
The photo to the left shows us arriving at Thulhagiri after a 15 minute speedboat ride from the capital of Male, while the photo to the right shows Tracy relaxing on the Island's beautiful beach.

A Video Overview of Thulhagiri Resort:
Our tour begins with a brief video of overview, since the island is small enough to be traversed in but a few minutes. This is a much more recent tour, shot just two years ago, but the basic fixtures of the island seemed to have remained unchanged with the exception of the addition of a spa. This video is courtesy of derbrunner1.

Video Tour of Thulhagiri Resort

A Map-Based Tour of the Island:
In addition to this overview, we have created an map-based tour of the island, featuring pop-up windows that describe each of the sites. Each site is numbered, and a description of that site is provided in the table below the map.

Instructions:You may access the sites by either clicking on the numbers on the map, on by clicking on the links in the table. When you have finished viewing the popup, simply click on the "Close" button at the bottom of the page. Two things to be aware of: 1) you must diable your ad-blocker for this site in order to use the map or links; 2) on mobile devices, the "Close" button may not work, in which case you must select your browser's "Back" button. Line
                      Fishing Snorkeling Water
                      Bungalows Beach
                      Villas Dive
                      Center Water
                      Sports Infinity Pool Restaurant Sand
                      Bar Coffee Shop
                      title= Reception Area
1. Reception Area
3. Restaurant
5. Water Sports
7. Island Villas
9. Snorkeling
2. Sand Bar Coffee Shop
4. Infinity Pool
6. Dive Shop
8. Water Bungalows
10. Line Fishing

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