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For the Virtual Traveler: Immersive 360 tours using smartphones and VR headsets

The sites below are pages that offer tours that are available for VR headsets, using smartphones. They were originally apps, but now the tours are accessible by clicking on the QR codes [QR Codes] at the bottom of the respective tours.




Bandar Seri Begawan: Brunei's Capital:

During our Thanksgiving break of November 2003, we took advantage of travel specials offered at the end of Hari Raya, a major Muslim holiday, to visit the country of Brunei. Located on an island that is also home to East Malaysia, Brunei is an oil-rich nation whose Sultan is the world's richest monarch. We stayed at the fabulous Empire Resort and Country Club, and were lucky enough to see the Istana, the Sultan's palace, opened to visitors for the three days following Hari Raya. Tour this fabulous hotel and meet the Sultan!


Visit Siem Reap and Tour the Ancient Ruins:

This website is the result of two trips, 14 years apart. The first trip to Siem Reap resulted in a map-based virtual tour, an architectural survey of most of the temples in the area. In 2018 we returned with new technology which allowed us to create VR (virtual reality) based tours of two of the most important complexes, the vast Angkor Wat temple, and the temples enclosed within the old City walls of Angkor Thom. These tours provide a much more interactive look at the complexes, as they offer 360 degree viewing, as well as embedded maps, videos, and photos. They may also be viewed in headsets such as Google Cardboard. Click here on on the map to tour the temples of Siem Reap.


Bali: Explore the charms of this Tropical Hideaway:

Visit the tropical
          paradise of Bali

Our extensive Bali web pages include visits to Ubud (including Ubud itself), as well as Murni's Warung and Villa Kunang-Kunang), Candidasa and the Water Garden Villas, as well as our fabulous anniversary stay at the Four Seasons Villas in beautiful Jimbaran Bay. Take a trip to paradise!


Bintan Island: A Short Getaway from Singapore:

Tour the Banyan Tree
          Resort on Bintan IslandThe Banyan Tree Resort on Bintan Island is just an hour's hop by high speed ferry. It terms of the pace of life and enjoyment of the charms of the tropics, it is a million miles away from Singapore. Come join us for a tour of this fabulous resort. . .


India Adventure: Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan

Tour Uttar
          Pradesh and RajasthanIn February of 2004 Dale returned to Rajasthan, this time with a group of 20 students from the Singapore American School. This "India Adventure" lasted 10 days and covered aspects of history, culture,  nature, and architecture in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. From the Taj Mahal to the deserts of Pushkar, come visit the delights of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. . .



See Some of the Highlights of Japan:

See the Sights of

Last February Dale and another SAS staff member (also named Dale) took students on an 8 day tour of Japan. Visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Hiroshima, the trip explored many facets of Japanese life, including the history and culture (past and present) as well as experiencing a taste of how the Japanese live. The trip included a stay at a traditional Japanese inn, a homestay, a tour of the high-tech world of electronics, visits to ancient shrines, and even a trip to Universal Studios. To take a virtual tour of this trip, click here or on the image of Mt. Fuji. . .

Shinsoji TempleOn our way to the U.S. in August of 2018 we had a layover at Narita Airport (near Tokyo). We used this time to visit Shinshoji Temple and nearby Naritasan Park, and created a 360 virtual tour of the grounds. Come visit one of Japan's oldest and most visited temples.


Luang Prabang:
Visit Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang is a lovely city, full of things to see and do, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Even traveling there as we did twice during the winter holiday season, it was never crowded and the proximity of most sites and activities make it the ideal town to explore at your leisure. We have created three virtual tours which we hope capture the Luang Prabang experience, a Mekong River Cruise, a tour of Luang Prabang's old City, and a tour of the Wats of Luang Prabang within the old city. Take a Virtual Tour of Luang Prabang's "Old City"


Tioman Island: A Jewel of the South Pacific (in the South China Sea

Welcome to Tioman IslandTioman Island, off the east coast of Malaysia, is a renowned diving site and a favorite of golfers fleeing the high-priced greens fees in Singapore. It is also a wonderful place to just hang out and soak up the sun, as we found over Thanksgiving Break. Tioman is the setting of Bali Hai in the musical South Pacific. Come discover this little slice of paradise, where monkeys frolic on the golf course (no, the real ones, the animals!)

Melaka: Crossroads of the Ancient Mariners

MelakaMelaka is a port city about 2 hours' drive from Kuala Lumpur. In the period when the Indian Ocean was the dominant world trade network, it was one of the most important ports in the world. The history of Melaka is a microcosm of the history of Southeast Asia, as traders from Africa, the Arab world, India and China all left their mark. It also felt the impact of colonialism under the Portuguese, Dutch, and English. Our Melaka page covers these experiences in two virtual tours, one of the colonial Majestic Hotel and the other a tour of Melaka's historical district. Click here or on the photo to discover Melaka's rich past.

Langkawi: Our Trip to the Four Seasons Langkawi

Four Seasons LangkawiThis was the first leg in an epic 2007 spring holiday, a trip to the Malaysian island of Langkawi. We stayed at the Four Seasons Langkawi and sampled all of the delights that it had to offer: food, accomodations, and activitiles. Come visit this island paradise that was our home for five blissful nights and learn all that it has to offer the pampered traveler!

Batu Caves: Tour the Hindu Temple Caves

Batu Caves

The Batu Caves are one of  only 10 Shrines in the world dedicated to the Hindu god Murugan. The complex, which consists of numerouse shrines housed in 4 limestone caves is the focal point in Malaysia for the Tamil celebration of Thaipusam. This page offers a virtual tour of the entire complex, including the caves, and explains the major temples and the deities to whom they are dedicated. Click here or on the photo to the left to learn more about the temples and their gods.

Islamic Arts Museum: The Finest Exhibit of Muslim Art in SE Asia
Islamic Art MuseumThe Islamic Art Museum in Kuala Lumpur hosts the largest collection of Muslim artifacts in Southeast Asia, and is a building we visit several times a year with visitors, always learning something new. This webpage features a 360 degree virtual tour of the museum and its permanent galleries, as well as a virtual tour of one of the special galleries that housed a spectacular painting/photo exhibit of the Hajj in the 19th century. Click here or on the photo to enter

Colmar Tropical and Tanjong Jara Resort: Our Travels in the Time of Covid-19
After spending 3 months in pandemic lockdown, the Malaysian Control Order (M.C.O.) was "eased" in June 2020. In the middle of that month we left our neighborhood for the first time since March, taking a day trip to the faux-French village of Colmar, in the mountains of central Malaysia. About one month later we took our first overnight adventure, journeying across the same mountains to the east coast of Malaysia to spend a week at the Tanjong Jara Resort. Click here or on the photo to visit these two destinations.


Thulhagiri: our trip to the Maldives

ThulagiriOn the second leg of our epic spring break of 2007 we traveled to Thulhagiri Island Resort on the northern atoll of the Maldive island chain. It was a return after a long hiatus for Tracy, and my first trip to this storied vacation destination. We spent our time snorkeling, fishing, and dining on great seafood while enjoying the white sand and the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Click here or on the photo to tour the island resort


Visit Haunting MyanmarYou may remember this little corner of Southeast Asia as Burma. Whatever the name, this still relatively isolated country is home to some of the wonders of the ancient world. Our mega-site show the highlights of the capital city of Yangon, including the spectacular Shwedagon Paya, the ancient city of Bagan with it fantastic temples and stupas, and the beach area of Nagapoli. Click here or on the image to see all the sights of this magical kingdom. . .

Sri Lanka:
Visit Some of the Highlights of Sri Lanka
The Lighthouse Hotel
          in Galle, SriOur single page on the Lighthouse Hotel (the photo on the right) has been expanded to an entire virtual tour of Sri Lanka, thanks to a trip we took there in December 2002. Come visit the cities of Colombo, Kandy and Galle. Visit the spectacular ruins of Polunnaruwa and Sigiriya. Marvel at the Temple of the Tooth, or tour a tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya. All this and more is just a click away. To visit this beautiful island off the coast of India, click here or on the picture of the Lighthouse Hotel. . . .


Bangkok: Thailand's Capital City

Visit the Banyan
          TreeWe spent part of spring break enjoying the peaceful setting of the Banyan Tree Bangkok, where we were pampered during a three day visit. In addition to the spa retreat, we also got to sample some of the unique shopping opportunities afforded by Bangkok's capital city. On a subsequent trip we got to visit Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand's most sacred temple comples Come along for some shopping, relaxation, and a bit of culture

Phuket: Our Holiday at Le Royal Meridien Phuket Yacht Club
Nine months after the Boxing Day tsunami, which ventured to the Thai island of Phuket for some rest and relaxation at the Le Royal Meridien Yacht Club.

Sam Roi Yot: See the attractions of "Undiscovered Thailand"

Sunrise Over Sam Roi Yot4 hours south of Bangkok lies Sam Roi Yot, often referred to a "Undiscovered Thailand." We have owned a small house there for the past ten years. Below are some of the sights from this holiday paradise.

Sam Roi Yot Sights:

The Beach Village: Our little corner of Thailand


Saigon and its Environs:
Sometime during the middle of our tenure at Singapore American School we spend a Christmas holiday in and around Ho Chi City (formerly Saigon) and its environs.  Using the Caravelle Hotel as our base of operations, we toured the sites of the city, including Ben Tahn Market, the opera house (shown here) as well as art museums and sites dedicated to the "American War," as the Vietnamese call it. Between our stays at the Caravelle we fit in a trip down the Mekong River and a little rest and relaxation at the Anoasis Resort. Click here or on the photo to enter.


 Western Australia: Visit The Outback
The Australian Outback Singapore American School sponsors ten-day trips in February of each year. Along with another faculty member, I escorted 20 students on a journey through Western Australia. Camping out under the stars, we climbed, went caving, sailed, canoed, visited towns and ranches. The entire trip is captured day-by-day, activity-by-activity on this web page, which I made for the school. The site is very interactive, with movies, diary entries, videos, sounds--you name it! Click here or on the photo to the left to visit Western Australia.

Margaret River, Western Australia: The Wine Country--Then and Now

We have made two trips to the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia, one in March of 2006 when living in Singapore, and a return trip with family in December of 2019. The latest trip description features a virtual tour of the wineries we visited. Tour the wineries and see what a difference 14 years makes! Visit Margaret River


San Miguel de Allende:
Visit San
                    Miguel de Allende!Voted "The most beautiful city in the world" by Travel and Leisure and Conde Nast, this UNESCO World Heritage site is our home in the western hemisphere.  Come sample the beauty, history and culture of this gem of Mexican colonial architecture.

United States:

South Carolina:Fripp Island

Fripp Island

Tour the Vistas of Fripp Island

A perenially favorite holiday spot of ours, Fripp Island is the outermost island in a barrier chain off the coast of South Carolina. No visit to the US is  complete without a stop there to spend time with Tracy's family. We have created a virtual tour of some of the island's scenic spots, which you may access by clicking on the photo to the left, or on the link above.



In and Around London:

Big BenTake a virtual tour of the historic landmarks in and around the Westminster area. The tour contains a separate virtual tour of The Tower of London, and panoramic views from the British Airways Eye and Trafalgar Square. To begin the tour, click here or on the image of Big Ben. At last, a trip through London without rain or cold!


Croatia Site
Croatia is renowned for its beautiful coastal cities, but it is so much more than just the backdrop for Game of Thrones and a cruise ship site. Equally impressive are its interior cities which ooze with the charm of a bygone day. The tranquil cities of the interior compete for attention with the stunning natural beauty of the nation's interior. Click here or on the image to enjoy some of the highlights of this underrated Eastern European country.

              Virtual Tour
After numerous overnights in Helsinki when flying Finnair, we finally put together a virtual tour of some of the sights easily accessible from the airport when having a layover. The virtual tours offer a glimpse of what can be seen of this Baltic capital if you have a few hours on your hands. It was also the starting and ending point of our Baltic tour in the summer of 2019, where we had the chance to visit Scandinavian friends we met at the Beach Village. Click here on on the photo of Helsinki Cathedral to take the tour.


Experience the Charm of Mougins:
Experience the Charm
          of MouginsMougins is a town of unalloyed charm, nestled in the mountains of Provence, overlooking the Mediterranean. It is a village of scenic beauty, and a gastronomic haven. Let's take a stroll through through the heart of the city center and take in its medieval charm. . .


Visit a Villa in Cabris: Provencal Living:
Tour a Villa in Gras, a
          small town in ProvenceTake a virtual tour of the L'adret de Ribas Villa in Cabis, Provence where we enjoyed our second visit in four years.


Take a Day Trip to Biot:
Visit the VerrerieBiot is a village renowned for its crafts, particularly the distinctive glassware that is still individually produced. See these artisans at work . . .


Summer Fun on the Cote d'Azur: Nice
Summer in the southSee some of the sights in this beautiful city, located in the heart of the French Riviera


Florence: Visit the Cradle of the Renaissance:

Take a virtualOur first stop of the summer after leaving Singapore was the Italian city of Florence, home to many of the world's art treasures and food par excellence. On our first trip to this city we rented an apartment in Oltrarno, the city's old quarter, home to craftsman and artists of every variety. From this base, we spent a week visiting the sights and sampling the food. While nothing can replace being there in person, perhaps our Virtual Florence will provide you with a taste of life in this magnificent city. Click here or on the picture of the Duomo to start your tour. . . 

Virtual Venice:

The Canals of

In the summer of 2004 we began our vacation by traveling to again to Italy, this time spending a week shaking off jet lag in the magical city of Venice. Armed with far too few Euros, but a trusty tripod and an adequate supply of memory cards, we sampled with cultural and culinary delights of this city of canals. So quit fretting about the plummeting dollar and take a virtual tour of Venice. We offer two versions: a tour of the cultural highlights (featuring the major works of art from the major museums and cathedrals) and an interactive map, filled with panoramas of this fabled city. Cheaper (by far) than a gondola ride, your tour awaits you . . .



In early July 2019 we took a southern turn on our Baltic Tour to visit Latvia. Our travels took us to Riga, Jurmala, Cesis and Amatciems, and included tours of castles, medieval cities, Cold War Bunkers, and Food festivals. Click here on the photo to take a tour of this magical place, with its blend of ancient history and unspoiled nature.


                SloveniaSlovenia has everything that the traveler looks for in a destination. Located in the shadow of the Alps, it abounds with natural beauty. It a land of inviting cosmpolitan cities such as the capital of Ljubljana, beautiful coastal towns steeped in ancient history such as Piran, and storybook settings such as Bled Castle, overlooking the lake of the same name. Brimming with beauty and charm, it is but a short distance from both Croatia and Austria. Click here to be transported to this Eastern European gem. We don't know why Melania left!


Mallorca, in the Islas de Baleares
See the ruggedThe island of Mallorca is not all tourists and beaches. It possesses a rugged character that few experience. Join us on a tour of the island's interior. . . .

Visit Palma de Mallorca
Discover PalmaPalma de Mallorca is a scenic port town with a distinct charm. From its beautiful harbor to its castles, cathedrals and forts, Palma's old city is one of the gems of the Mediterranean. See for yourself . . .

Our Visits to Stockholm, Uppsala, and Oland

Visit SwedenOur summer 2019 trip continued in Sweden where we visited Stockolm, touring Gamla Stan (shown in the photo to the lef)t, the Vasa Museum, and Kungsholmen Island. We then traveled north to the university town of Uppsala before sampling the pleasures of a Swedish summer on the island of Oland, Sweden's summer playground. Click here or on the photo to begin a tour of these sites

  Istanbul: At the Crossroads of Europe and Asia
          hereIstanbul straddles the Bosporus, the link between the Asian Near East and Europe. Nothing symbolizes that duality more than the Hagia Sofia, the grand Christian Cathedral later transformed into a mosque during that period when the Asian side of the Bosporus was in ascendancy. We visited this beautiful city this spring as presenters at the Near East South Asia Conference of schools (NESA). We enjoyed the conference, and had a wonderful time sampling the sights of this ancient city. Click here to see the sights of Istanbul. . .


Visit the Great Pyramids of Ghiza
Click here to Visit the Pyramids atWe finally got a chance to visit the Great Pyramids on our recent track trip to Cairo. It was truly a spectacular sight! Visit our Pyramid page and see pictures of Great Pyramides and the Sphinx at both day and night. Come on in. . .



Tour Byblos, the Oldest City in the World
Visit the Archeological Ruins of ByblosByblos is reported to be the oldest city in the world in continuous existence. Located on the Mediterranean about 30 minutes north of Beirut, it boasts a sea side Crusader's Castle, plus wonderfully preserved remnants of the Phoenician, Egyptian, Alexandrian and Roman civilization who made their mark on this port city. Come along for a tour of this town famous also as a center of letters. Byblos, from whence we get the word Bible, is an Arabic term for papyrus, and for centuries this city prospered as a seat of government and learning. Our tour starts at the Sea Wall. . . 

See Sidon
          the View from the Crusader's Sea CastleSee the sights from this ancient port in southern Lebanon. An ancient Phoenician port and a Crusader stronghold, Sidon has much to offer the traveler, from a magnificent harbor to ancient souks. Come and experience the charm of this port city with a rich past...........

Tour Tyre
Visit theTyre, the southernmost major city in Lebanon is a charming port city, replete with lovely old souks, a fishing port, and a wealth of Archeological finds. Double-click here, or on the harbor picture

Fall Break Visit to the Chouf Mountains
Highlights of OurDuring our October fall break we set out to visit some of the sights in the Chouf Mountains, southeast of Beirut. See highlights of our visit to the Cedars of the Chouf, the Beiteddine Palace and a trip to the Kefraya winery in the Bekka Valley. Click here or on the picture to start the tour. . .



Immerse Yourself in VIRTUAL BAALBEK
ClickOn our last break we visited the most spectacular set of Roman ruins in the Middle East, the temple complex of Baalbeck in the beautiful Bekka valley. We now bring it to you in the form of VIRTUAL BAALBEK, the only virtual reality tour of this spectacular site on the world wide web. Tour each of the temples via interlocking panoramas, as well as the attractions of the surrounding area. Months in the making, VIRTUAL BAALBEK is but a click away. . .


Amble Through Virtual Anjar

Just a short distance away from Baalbck in the Bekka Valley are the ruins of the ancient Omayaad city of Anjar, in its heydey a major city on the trade routes going south to Palestine or east toward Damascus. VIRTUAL ANJAR takes you through a tour of the major features of this once bustling city. The next tour is about to depart. . .

Visit the "Old City" of Damascus
The Omayyad
          MosqueCome take a quick tour of the Old City of Damascus and seek the souks (markets), the famous Omayyad Mosque, and a few architectural delights of this ancient city.

The Craque de Chavalier
Click here to
        viewThe first stop on our winter holiday in Syria was at the grandaddy of the Crusader Castles, the Krak de Chevaliers, a mountain fortress we visited enroute to a Christmas celebration in Aleppo, Syria. Click here to visit the mountain stronghold. . .

Aleppo: A Syrian Christmas:

Click here toOur second stop on winter holiday was in the Syrian city of Aleppo, shown here. We stayed at an old merchant serai in the Armenian quarter which had been converted into a charming hotel. We saw the sights of Aleppo, including the souk, the imposing citadel, and some amazing restaurants (in stark contrast to our culinary experiences in Damascus. Click here or on the picture to see the sights of Aleppo. . .


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