The Beach Village Resort

Here is an aerial overview of the Beach Village

The Layout of the Beach
                VillageTBV MapThe Beach Village is located in Sam Roi Yod, approximately four hours south of Bangkok and one hour south of Hua Hin along the western shores of the Gulf of Thailand. It is approximately 400 meters from the beach at Dolphin Bay. Since the intial 3 blocs were constructed in 2008, the resort has steadily grew and upgraded its facilities. It currently consists of 10 blocs, each containing 7 units (3 doubles and 4 singles) around a common pool.  The single units consist of a common room that serves as kitchen, dining, and living room, with a bedroom and bath. The double units feature a double-sized common room with two bedroom, one ensuite. The rooftop areas can also be used as roof terrace with the addition of a protective cover. The community of owners continue to grow with residents from the UK, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Australia, and the US to name a few. The Beach Village is a full-featured resort with the Coconut Restaurant, fitness center, Zen (yoga and massage) Center. Laundry and taxi services are readily available, as well as bicycles and motorcyles to rent. Tours of the local sights, including the nearby Khoa Sam Roi Yod National Park. Kayaks are available for use in the sheltered Dolphin Bay from outlets on the coast road. There is a bicycle/running path that stretches the 5km length of the beach.  There are also numerous bars, restaurants, and hotels located on the coast road.

A 360 Virtual Tour of The Beach Village
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