In 2007 we spent the first five days of our spring break at the Four Seasons Langkawi. And we did it in style, staying in the beach front Royal Villa (shown in the banner above), which came with its own private beach. During our stay there we made full use of the facilities--spa, health club, and restaurant as well as taking the mangrove swamp tour. It made for a fun-filled holiday as only the Four Seasons can provide, much like our previous trips to the Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay in Bali. Below is a  map of the grounds with links to all of the activities the resort provided. Below is an introductory tour from Embassy Alliance that details the features of the resort that are covered in the virtual tour below.

Video Tour of Four Seasons Langkawi
Our own tour of the resort takes the form of a map with clickable "hotspots" that open a separate window for each site. Simply click on the hotspot you wish to see, and when you are finished, click on the "Close" button at the bottom of the popup page to return to the map. Alternately, you can click on the links in the table below the map to take the tour.

A couple of caveats:
A Virtual Tour of the Four Seasons Langkawi
Rhu Bar Ikan Ikan
              Restaurant Serai
              Restaurant Kelapa
              Grill Mangrove and
              Eagles Safari Geo Spa Fitness
              Center Family
              Pool Adult Pool Royal
              Villa 4 Seasons
              Grounds Reception
1. Reception Area
4. Adult Pool
7. Geo Spa
10. Serai Restaurant
2. 4 Seasons Grounds
5. Family Pool
8. Mangrove and Eagles Safari
11. Ikan Ikan Restaurant
3. Royal Villa
6. Fitness Center
9. Kelapa Grill
12. Rhu Bar

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