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While we were living in Zagreb, we were lucky enough to live in the city's "Old Town," the medieval heart of this capital city. While there is much too much to cover on this website, we wanted to offer a sample of our experiences in our adopted city.

The first part of the page is devoted to the historical aspects of Zagreb's medieval city center. We have made three virtual tours which capture the "flavor" of "Old Town." The first is a tour of what now seems to be commonly known as "Gornji Grad" or "upper town." It developed from the merger of two previously independent cities: Kaptol (which served as the religious center of Zagreb) and Gradec (which was the fortified upper town of merchants and other commoners). The second tour is the Lenuchi horseshoe, a U-shaped ring of parks that form the heart of the "lower town" region of old Zagreb, and dating from the 19th century. These parks are seeped in Croatian history, and represent the sort of urban planning usually associated with European cities, especially the older ones.  The third virtual tour listed below is also the newest one, a reminder of the Cold War and its impact. This is the Gric Tunnels, a network of underground tunnels in the Old Town.

But there is more to city than just its history, so we have also included separate pages on favorite restaurants, and a sampling of some of the fun activities that await visitors in Zagreb.

Historic Sites: Some of the sites of Zagreb's Old Town Area


Fun in Zagreb:

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